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Welcome to Akwa Soups blog.

Welcome to Akwa Soups blog.

Hey good food lovers!

I am so excited to be here,and I am really looking forward to having a great time with you guys. I will be taking you on a fun trip to discovering so many hidden facts and health benefits of traditional meals especially soups originated from the southern part of Nigeria (Akwa Ibom State) to be precise. I promise it’s going to be fun, educative and mouth watering lol, well yea this is because aside the write ups, I am going to be dropping photos of mouth watering soups and delicacies that would leave you hungry. The weight watchers are not left out as I will also be giving tips on how to cut down calories,and eat healthy.

So sit back, grab a drink and let me take you on a trip to the world of fooooood.

Warm regards.


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17 - August - 2018, at 15:33hr

nice post

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